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The air was filled with the chorus of freedom. Hands converged into fists of glory. The dawn of victory, at last. India stood its ground. Now was the time for every Indian to stand on his own feet.

For men like Chimanlal K. Choksi , self sufficiency was the need of the hour. An in-born knack for engineering saw him pioneer electrical accessories. Indigenous effort and values of “struggle” in order to achieve perfection, soon transform into an enterprise. The birth of brand-CPL.

Passion recreated history as India’s first plate switches crafted from urea formaldehyde-the only fire retarding and shock-proof material, accepted internationally.

While its switchgear division made the company proud by winning the highest exports award for 12 years in a row.

CPL’s protective umbrella now hosts the Passion, Sollar, Lunar, Ureka and Dil series of electrical switches and accessories. And the well known symbol of safety now incorporates a heart.

Ajit Choksi the company’s quality conscious director echoes his father’s word of wisdom, “All innovations are based on my father’s respect for life. 250 Volts can take life if the product is not designed well or the material is not right. The kind of quality tests we perform, speaks of our passion for your safety.”

"If you cannot give life,
you have no right to take one."

Late Chimanlal Kashidas Choksi (Pioneer of the electrical switch industry in India)