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Moulded Splitter
Moulded Cover Switchfuses and Splitters

Range: 16 Amps to 80 Amps 240 Volts.
Quality Standards: IS 4064 1978
Features: 2 CNG, 3 CNG, 21 CSG, and 41 CSG come with molded tough polycarbonate enclosures. Cable entry knock outs are provided for easy wiring. All current caring parts are shielded. The double pole mechanism fitted with silver tips, has fail proof smooth slow breaking action. It also comes with Red-On and Green OFF marking for easy reading. All the above products are so well designed that unless the switch is switched off, the cover will not come off.
Our 8 GNG comes is made from Thermoset Material totally insulated body incorporated with one 80 Amps bottle HRC fuse made of ceramic body.When the fuse is pulled, the switch is disconnected even in “ON” position. For the convenience of the electrician this fuse can be pulled open with out opening the cover, slide it out and replace with a new one when needed. Red “ON” and Green “OFF” labels are provided for easy reading. Without removing the fuse the cover cannot be opened is an added safety feature.
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