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Fuse Units
Ceramic as well as Phenol Formaldehyde Fuse Units.

Range: 16 & 32 Amps 240 Volts and 16 Amps to 300 Amps 415 Volts. HRC and Rewireable.
Quality Standards: IS 2086 1982
Features: Made from ceramics material which is fired at 1200 degrees C, non porous, all weather proof, insulated and can width stand high temperatures. Our design is suitable for HRC cum Rewireable carrier. Also in the range we have Thermoset Phenol Formaldehyde carriers to suit HRC fuses. All non ferrous parts are tin plated; copper is electrolytic, pressure clips are of Prosperous Bronze. LUA for distribution boards and LUB for fuse units.
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