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Busbar Chambers
Sheet Metal Fabricated Busbar Chambers

Range: 100 Amps to 800 Amps – 415 Volts
Quality Standards: IS 375 1963
Features: All busbar come with fabricated body, rust protected and Phosphated in 7 tank process. All the sides of our busbar are detachable to facilitate easy wiring and allow expansion/extension by coupling to another busbar. We use electrolytic Copper rectangular dual rods designed to be used with our clamps and sockets to facilitate all 3 types of cable sockets namely soldering type, lugs or flat copper strips. Our Busbar design ensured the correct rating all through out its use and will not allow any over load as the conventional model widely used in our country. No drilling required in our design, just add as many clamps to connect additional cable up to the limit of the length of the dual copper bars.
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