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Inspiration is the life-blood of creativity. One look at the LUNAR and SOLLAR range of switches will convince you of the fine things in life, besides rare jewellery, sporty cars and designer clothes. Lunar and Solar talk about your refined taste, your idea of a beautiful home and your warm inner self as much. Beneath the beautiful Visage of 22 Karat Plated gold and scintillating chrome, is the hallmark of your safety. 100% Like the Urea Formaldehyde which forms a shield that prevents the mildest of live currents from passing through. And the unrelenting quality tests that promise you the highest international standards. Should Cartier or Bvlgari come visiting, expect the unexpected! The full Moon, Captivating, intriguing, romantic. A useful guide to night travelers, its enigma has fascinated many a space lover. The magic of its mysterious relationship with man is inspiration enough for CPL to name this scintillating range of 100% non-corrosive and non-magnetic, stainless steel switches, Lunar. Derived from the Roman Goddess of the moon ~ Luna. Set your interiors amid a subtle hint of steel. LUNAR switches are available in glistening mirror finish and in meticulous matt. Both ~ 100% non-corrosive and non-magnetic. Who says, safety and glamour don’t go together! Gold. This Yellow metal will never be out of style. Be it jewelry, or an object d’art, gold continues to charm the world. Rare, rich and invaluable, CPL brings the charisma of 22 karat gold immaculately machine-plated on stainless steel. To give you non-corrosive, non-magnetic, state-of-the-art switches called SOLLAR. Like the golden rays of the brightest visible star, the SOLLAR range lends a perfect complement to the dazzling aura, created by your exquisite interiors. And your taste for the good things in life.
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