Whats New


At CPL, We are constantly developing products with new and innovative features, like deep drawn, powder coated enclosures, Removable operative mechanism, Safetly locking device on the operative mechanism.

We have the most extensive range and combinations of Plate type switches available anywhere in the world within the size 86X86mm. & 86X135mm, Switches with AgCdO Contact Tips, Rocker Mechanism, Sockets with safety shutters, and Plugs with Solid Brass Pins with Pinch type wiring system.


Platform Technology:

Inspired from the automobile industry, We are currently in the process incorporating platform technology to manufacture all our products, Modularize production processes to decrease assembly changeover time and increase productivity. Using standardized platforms we would be able to provide our customers with guaranteed quality products in a short period of development. Customization could also be carried out for a selected few.


Engineering & Metal replacement Plastics:

Keeping in mind International specification, current product range and the Design Flexibility required by our valued customers we are experimenting with newer and more advance engineering plastics, metal replacement plastics with surprising results. We are confident about improving our production efficiency with these raw materials.


Urea Formaldehyde:

Not Diluting the basic foundations of our most customer appreciated products we are also experimenting with newer processing technology for Urea Formaldehyde automating the current labour oriented process of compression moulding. The new process is aimed not only to increase productivity but also greatly increase the electrical and mechanical properties of the moulded article.

We are shortly going to launch an absolute new generation of Plate type switches incorporating all the advantages mentioned above and more…