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Wall, Ceiling holders, and ceiling roses are designed to add elegance to the modern house and home. All Lamp Holders are made from heat resistant material and are provided with skirts to save your fingers from burns. They are fitted with heavy duty brass plungers which consist of steel wire spring to ensure uniform pressure on the bulb and avoid loose connections. Pendent Holders has an automatic cord Grip System. A range of 2A, 6A, 13A and 16A. Unlike conventional plugs which are made in two parts CPL Plugs are made with solid pins. Solid pins offer better conductivity and therefore carry the rated load without any chance of failure. They also consist of Pinch type wiring system which ensure firmer contact and increases the contact area, unlike the conventional plugs which allow loose connections. Delrin Cord Grip System which ensures constant connection during accidental cord pull, or even during the roughest handling is also incorporated into the design. 13A & 15A plugs are available with inbuilt fuse to safeguard your costly electrical equipment and appliances.
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