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Ureka follows the world’s highest standards of safety. Made from Urea Formaldehyde, UREKA has very high fire-retarding properties and is 100% shock-proof. The non-recycled raw material keeps the lustrous surface free from ugly scratches. So you have switches that are down-to-earth functional and good-looking, too. (To achieve extra economy, you may even fix individual modules directly on any surface such as wood, acrylic, etc – without a base plate) Ureka is composed using the best available components including solid, pure brass terminals and silver cadmium-oxide contact. The rocker operation is tested on load for over 40,000 on-off operations, while the Glow Wire Test ensures that even at 850 o Celsius, UREKA do not emit hazardous flames, or thick smoke (which incidentally is the chief cause of death during building fires) during an over load, or electric short-circuit. What’s more, UREKA’s child-proof socket shutters, protect your precious little ones from accidental electrocution. So when UREKA’s modular technology is well-researched, and its safety adheres to IS and BS quality standards, Why Settle for less?
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